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Episode 6 – Pregnancy, Evolution, and New Directions in Biological Research

In this episode, we discuss the fascinating connections between genetics, evolution, and human pregnancy. We are joined by postdoctoral scholar Mirna Marinić and graduate student Philipp Ross to talk about what makes human pregnancy unique, how pregnancy has evolved the way it has, and new directions in the study of the immune system during pregnancy.

Episode 5 – Nanotechnologies: Sweating the Small Stuff

In this episode, we delve into the world of nanotechnology research and its applications, from the creation of nanoscale sensing devices to the role of nanomaterials in studying biological processes. We’ll learn about how small these materials really are, discuss the huge range of applications for nanotechnologies, and talk about the implications of this relatively novel technology on society. Finally we’ll discuss the future of nanotechnology and where our guests see the field heading in the next decades. Featuring graduate students Paul Jerger and Shi En Kim from the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering and Jessica Morgan from the Biophysical Sciences Program. 

Episode 4 – From the Microbiome to Molecular Engineering: New Frontiers in Food Allergy Research

In this episode, we talk with a group of graduate students and postdocs who are researching new and innovative ways to understand and treat food allergies. We discuss the biological underpinnings of food allergies and the challenges of treating and preventing them, highlighting the work these researchers do to address this pressing issue. From immunotheraphy to inverse vaccines to biotherapeutics, our guests tell us about the innovative research they’re pursuing and the startups they’ve founded to bring these innovations to the public at large. Featuring graduate students Ande Hesser and Chitavi Maulloo from the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering, Evelyn Campbell from the Committee on Microbiology, and postdoctoral scholars Andrea Kemter and Shijie Cao.

Episode 3 – Coronavirus and COVID-19: Shifting Research Priorities

In this episode, we highlight the work of scientists and physicians at UChicago who have rapidly adapted their work to help us better understand the coronavirus and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Tune in to hear Michael and Linsin interview an immunologist and a physician at the forefront of research on the coronavirus and COVID-19. We talked with immunology graduate student Chris Stamper and master’s alumnus Dr. Siva Bhavani to discuss critical issues in understanding the coronavirus and COVID-19, including antibody research, vaccine development, and harnessing big data in the effort to improve patient outcomes. 

Episode 2 – Signals, Circuits, and Pathways: How Do Cells Talk to Each Other?

This episode covers exciting research from the biological sciences focusing on how cells communicate in order for our bodies to function. Michael and Linsin interview four graduate students across the biological scieences on their research, their favorite scientific metaphors, and their experiences at UChicago. Listen in to learn about monkeys playing video games, octopus arm regeneration, and the cell-to-cell communication that underscores every biological process. Featuring graduate students Meike Lobb-Rabe (Cell and Molecular Biology), Natalie Grace Schulz (Development, Regeneration, and Stem Cell Biology), Caleb Sponheim (Computational Neuroscience), and Sherzod Tokamov (Development, Regeneration, and Stem Cell Biology).

Episode 1 – The Universe: Black Holes, Exoplanets, and the Evolution of Stars

This episode focuses on ground-breaking (or should we say space-breaking) new research from graduate students at the University of Chicago studying space and the universe: ranging from exoplanets to galaxies to black holes. Linsin and Michael lead a far-ranging conversation on topics like life beyond the Earth, misconceptions about the universe, and how to make science more accessible for everyone. This episdoe feature graduate students Nora Bailey (Astronomy & Astrophysics), Gourav Khullar (Astronomy & Astrophysics), and Gautam Satishchandran (Physics).