Meet Our Team!

The Expand Your Perspective podcast is a program of UChicagoGRAD and GRADTalk. It is hosted by two members of the UChicagoGRAD Career Development Team:

michaelotooleMichael O’Toole, Assistant Director, GRADTalk

Michael is an advisor in the UChicagoGRAD career development team, where he leads the GRADTalk program and coordinates the Expand Your Perspective podcast and public speaking series. As the Assistant Director of GRADTalk, he helps graduate students and postdocs to build their public speaking skills and to increase the impact of their scholarship through communicating their research to the broader public. Michael graduated from the University of Chicago with a PhD in Ethnomusicology and is an avid performer of piano, guitar, and oud.



Linsin Smith, GRADTalk Consultant

Linsin is a 5th year PhD candidate in Genetics, Genomics, and Systems Biology researching the gene regulatory networks and non-coding regulatory elements that underlie human disease, particularly cardiac arrhythmias. As a GRADTalk advisor at UChicagoGRAD, she supports graduate students and postdocs on all things related to communications: ranging from interviews, class participation, job talks, and presentation practice.